Ward Residence

Project - Ward Residence - Exterior1

Project - Ward Residence - Exterior2

Project - Ward Residence - Interior

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Project - Ward Residence - Interior2

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Project - Ward Residence - Kitchen

Project - Ward Residence - Lounge2

Project - Ward Residence - Bathroom

The project for a new residence for Ron and Jenny Ward was constructed in a very tight leftover plot of land in the inner Hobart suburb of Lower Sandy Bay. A further constraint was a large Preservation listed Chestnut tree located on the land, whose roots had already expanded under the zone where the house was to be located.

The Wards purchased the land with a Development Application approved, and our task was to adapt this approved design to suit the needs of the clients. The resulting two storey house makes the most of its very tight block to achieve an open expansive area on the Ground Floor with 2 bedrooms on the upper level.

A complex part of the design was to create foundations that were outside the circumference of the tree roots and cantilever the concrete floor over them, at the same time compensating for the loss of ground water being available with a supplementary root level irrigation system. The tree survived the construction process and became a focus of the limited outdoor space of the new home.