The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse draws on an ethos of unique and high quality experience that contributes to the growing shift in hospitality and tourism culture in Tasmania that Circa Morris-Nunn has been at the forefront of through projects such as The Islington Hotel and Saffire resort.

The Brooke St Pier was a natural location for such a vision. An innovative floating building also designed by Circa Morris-Nunn that glows at night. The Glasshouse occupies the end of the Brooke St Pier entry level, offering panoramic views of the River Derwent, Sullivans Cove and adjacent to the berthing location of the Mona Ferry.

Incorporating key art pieces and individual items within the Glasshouse including; “Miss Fish Fingers” “The Sputnik” and a unique collection of glassware, all played a role in the development of the Glasshouse concept. These aims were successfully integrated with a distinctive servicing and health strategy that evolved from the untested situation of being within a floating building.