Springs Visitor Centre

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Project Information

The Springs Visitor Centre is a long-standing proposal that has evolved over the past 12 years since its inception.

The current approved proposal is to provide a Visitor Centre linked to a restaurant to provide a new hospitality facility on the mountain intended for general public usage for the first time since the ‘67 fires. With 300,000 people each year visiting the area, it will showcase the diversity of habitats on the mountain with many natural walks leading directly out from the site.

The building itself has a unique earth covered roof and a freeform shape designed to express the immediate natural environment in which it will be built. The roof will be planted with local native grasses and is intended to be a refuge for wildlife. The building will also showcase the latest approaches to environmental design initiatives. The mountain is iconic in Hobart and the new facility, when completed, will be a major draw-card for both tourists and locals alike.


Unbuilt - Currently Under Development