Hatherley House

Project - Hatherley House - Bathroom

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Project - Hatherley House - Entry

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Project - Hatherley House - Bathroom2

Project Information

Hatherley House is a historic Victorian Italianate homestead which has been converted to a chic boutique 5 Star hotel, with the addition of ensuite bathrooms to every room except the former kitchen and Drawing Room which retained their original function.

New bathrooms are inserted in a radical yet visually sympathetic departure from traditional formats. There are two types, the freestanding glass lined ceiling element, and, where smaller existing rooms could be utilized, they have been given a secret pivoting door and a luxurious stainless steel, white tile and mirrored interior.


RAIA Tasmanian Chapter Interior Design Award 2002


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Conde Nast International Travellers Magazine: World’s Best New Hotels in 2002