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Evolve Spirit Bar presents a remarkable collection of over 50 museum-grade fossils in a lavishly designed built environment that celebrates the joys of discovery that paleontologists and collectors share. Each fossil reside in timber cabinets whose shape suggest they have recently been unearthed, turning the venue into a fossil rich bone-bed. Mild steel details are reminiscent of the craft of the cooper, as are the smoky tones of the timber fitout.

Its location in Macq01 overlooking Constitution Dock sets up a high expectation by the visitor that is satisfied by the high quality of material and detail within the space. Unlike many exhibition spaces where the architecture plays second fiddle to the exhibits, the architecture in Evolve Bar is an equal partner with the bold selection of fossils creating a dynamic environment where the specimens and the various spaces form one connected narrative throughout.




Complete October 2018



Adam Gibson