Dorney Revisited

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Project - Dorney Revisited - Exterior

Project - Dorney Revisited - Interior

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Project Information

The original house is one of the most famous examples of Modern Architecture in Tasmania. It was designed by Esmond Dorney in 1955 as a small cottage for a bachelor. It was amended during construction so the house never had the open plan interior as it was conceived.

Our work altered the house back to be far closer to the original intent of the architect, and to add a separate but linked pavilion as a retreat for the parents, all of which allowed the house to be used by a growing family. The architectural form of the new extension echoed the original asa fragment, and used contemporary materials to show an evolution over.


RAIA Tasmanian Chapter Heritage Award 2001


Architecture on the Edge by Barry McNeil and Leigh Woolley Published: Montpelier Press 2002 ISBN 1-876597-09-7